Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beyond Organic

A guess post from Happy Healthful Mama:


I do my best to provide healthy organic food for my family as frugally as possible.

I was recently made aware of what might turn out to be nothing, or what may be a great business opportunity, which is to be involved with Josh Rubin's (author of The Maker's Diet and creator of Garden of Life brand supplements and foods) new undertaking: Beyond Organic

We currently use his Garden of Life supplements, which are raw and mostly organic, and we've been extremely pleased with them.  (I've never read his book, so I can't comment on that).  He states the following as the goals of his company:

"We want to make a difference in your life by empowering you to:
  • Change Your Diet… by consuming the world’s healthiest, sustainably produced foods and beverages.
  • Change Your Life… by getting educated on the foods & beverages that you consume daily and creating a residual income to help you achieve your goals and dreams.
  • Change Your World… by educating others about Beyond Organic and by partnering with domestic and international organizations around the world to provide food, shelter, and clothing to widows, orphans and those in need."

If he can really do this, it would be wonderful.  It would be especially great for those who live in rural areas where it's difficult to find organic products without driving a long way, or for those for whom organics are cost prohibitive.

I know it really stretches our budget every month to put pesticide-free and herbicide-free foods on our table.  I'm hoping that Beyond Organic will help us to bring home good, low-priced organic food.  If the quality of the food from Beyond Organic matches that of their Garden of Life supplements, I'm sure it'll be great.

If you want to sign up (with absolutely no obligation and no cost) to find out more about their products, either for your own personal use or to sell to others, you can find the link here

In good health!